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Joanna and Aurora

Aurora and Joanna

Joanna Young and Aurora Roth (friends and colleagues) talk about their experiences and challenges of being a woman conducting field work.
Luke and Teal Rogers

Remembering Randy, Restoring the Bison

Luke and Teal Rogers share their memories of their father, Randy Rogers, his love for the wilderness and the wildlife of Alaska. Additional information can be found at:
Lily Cohen and Bob Bolton

Lily Cohen and Bob Bolton

Lily Cohen talks with Bob Bolton (colleagues) about her experiences in the workplace.
Peter and Uma

Peter and Uma

Peter Bieniek and Uma Bhatt (collaborators and friends) talk about their experiences in science.
Megan and Sorina

Megan Godfrey and Sorina Seeley

Megan Godfrey and Sorina Seeley (friends and collaborators) discuss their work in a village in Alaska and the importance of trust.
Erin and Joanna

Erin Pettit and Joanna Young

Erin Pettit and Joanna Young (mentor / mentee) discuss their relationship and the importance of science outreach.
Jessie and Bob

Jessie Young-Robertson and Bob Bolton

Jessie Young-Robertson and Bob Bolton (collaborators and friends) talk about Jessie's experiences in science and the development of their collaboration.
Rachel and Jill

Rachel and Jill

Rachel and Jill (friends) talk about their motivations in pursuing a science career and their experiences in graduate school.
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Excerpts from episodes


What I love about this business is that it’s about the dream and the ideas and the imagination. It would be nice if we came into a Renaissance where scientists could be scientists. I feel like we are always scrambling for funds these days. It would be nice if we could go back to the philosophy with time to imagine.

Peter Bieniek Assistant Research Professor, Climatology, International Arctic Research Center

It's frustrating to me that the bathroom thing has to be such an issue. We just haven't figured out how to give one another privacy yet. I think a big part of it is having these conversations. As a junior scientist working my way up through the ranks slowly, it can be hard to advocate for yourself. It's not just the bathroom thing. It's the raunchy jokes that people bring into the field because for some reason everybody treats the field like it's a safe space to say whatever you want.

Joanna Young PhD Candidate in Geophysics; Environmental Educator Geophysical Institute, UAF

We wanted her to trust us right away based on what we thought were principles of trust. We didn't listen to her story. And we found that when we went back we had a different approach. We just listened. We didn't have any questions. We didn't have any ideas. That space for communication grew back. You could feel it. We couldn't even have a dialog in the first conversation. It was all attack, defense, attack, defense. And then when we gave her the space to tell her story it grew back and it's become a really productive relationship.

Sorena Seeley
Sorena Seeley Graduate Student, International Environmental Policy Candidate 2017

Navigating the divisive issues that came up in the field between the women and the men came down to communication styles. Then there are the little things. I feel like every woman in the field sciences has stories like this. Where you are not asked to help fix something. Or if you are working on something, a man will come in and start spouting expertise or knowledge that you didn't need. You were doing fine fixing that snowmachine or fixing that instrument.

Aurora Roth Graduate Student, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

When IARC first started we used to spend a lot of time when it looked like we weren't doing any work. Some of the most creative things came out of those interactions. When one of our colleagues came back ten years later, he said, 'You guys are so busy with busy work, you don't have the time to imagine right now.' I solve a lot of my research problems when I'm doing these other things.

Uma Bhatt Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks

How we respond to fires has really shifted. We are no longer trying to keep them at the smallest size possible, in most cases. That recognition of the role of fire in the environment; that it's got a natural role here. The real dramatic shift occurred in 2004 when we started getting access to the satellite imagery for the thermals, so that allowed us to find fires much more rapidly especially in smoky conditions and have pretty good accuracy of mapping them versus somebody going out and flying that and drawing a map from the air.

Kent Slaughter
Kent Slaughter Manager, Alaska Fire Service at Bureau of Land Management
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